the show:

Blobs of the Infinite

space and time are not boundaries

for they are the material

they are the everything and the nothing

the complete emptiness

hyper-immersive experience

feelings of contentment, joy, peace, wonder, awe, euphoria, bliss

translated through the event: 

a transportation, an escape, a place to lose oneself within, a sanctuary

the work can exist anywhere in any form

for it is merely a guide into a state of mind

the exploration within my practice and myself steers me towards this state of mind

I am seeking ways to represent it and induce it, to help others through creation

the visual and sonic aspects of the work are tools

I am refining them so that others may use them easily for their benefit 

they are abstract representations of my experience

of what resonates with me

what gets me close to a blissful, content state of peace

a state we can all experience and enjoy

the more I know myself, the closer I can get to representing my thoughts and feelings

the purer the representation →

the purer the translation by the viewer →

the greater the experience

control over the environment

to build a hyper-immersive experience

the more control, the greater the experience can be

interior space 

floating blobs occupy the space with the viewers

the space itself is distorted and warped, the walls are irregularly curved and angular

the walls, floor and ceiling all move very gradually and slowly, emphasising impermanence and questioning reality

soundscapes of my construction are played loudly

in hi-fi surround out of at least 7 different speakers

meticulously set up and hidden from sight

everything seems other-wordly and vast

the material and textures of the visual and sonic

the blobs pulsate, move slightly, turn

the sonic and visual movement is slow

easing the viewer into a slower state

the light will be very dim

the blobs will be glowing

the colour of the light will be very gradually shifting between red, orange and yellow

warm colours

there will be space available for people to sit, lie down, and walk around

it is important that people are able to share the experience with others at the same time 

it is a slow, gentle journey into a very surreal, different reality

that is beautiful and transportive

inspiring and wondrous

peaceful and exciting

engaging the viewers imaginations

making the viewers make

making the viewers look inwards in a good, safe, loving place

exterior space 

in nature

speakers placed inside and around the blobs

lights inside the blobs - powerful effect at night

very similar to the interior set up, except the space isn't defined by my walls, but rather by the natural walls of the environment

whether those are cave walls or the horizon

virtual space 

VR (virtual reality) headsets could also host the experience

the space can be built and played with in a limitless way here

the sound would of course accompany the visuals

the experience could also be simplified

for wider accessibility

into video

this would be animated, in anyway

the more realistic and high-tec, the more immersive the experience

it would be a journey through a fabricated world

the music would flow with the visuals

unlike the other ways of experiencing the work, this would have a clearer start and stop, controlled by the viewer at home

these could really vary in length, from under a minute to hours long

the experience could also be brought into the gaming world

people could move around the space with a controller
on any games console

flying through a curated, imaginary world

this would open up a lot of interactive possibilities

sounds and images, lights and colours could be triggered

and brought about by the users interactions

selecting or moving near certain objects or into different areas

or moving at high speed or slowly, and so on

making a world that responds to the user

embeds the user

enhances the immersion



© 2020 Tashi Djago